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How Can you donate?

#1. Your time!  We have lots of ongoing projects to work on! and even some fundraisers coming up!

#2  Cash Donation! We are now a  charity so Tax receipts are now available for qualifying donations! Cash donations help pay for wages, supplies, training, and website costs.

We are also starting to raise funds for a facility where volunteers can work together on projects.  This will be a 500,000 cost to the organization but we worth the money when complete.

#3 We are always needing supplies!

Stitch It Forward also collects the following Supplies:


-Fusible Webbing                                   




-Snap Tape

-Knitting needles

-Crochet hooks           



-Quilt batting


-Working sewing machines                                   



-Cross-Stitch thread and fabric               

 -Pins and needles

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